1969 Consolidated Diesel Electric M123 A1C
project completed August 7, 2008

1969 Consolidated Diesel Electric M123 A1C

16,700 miles, Cummings 903 V8 diesel, dual jake brakes, rebuilt Mac 5+2 transmission. Huge winch that works!
Rock solid no rust body. This truck was used to haul the M60 heavy tank on the 747 trailer.
This unit was replaced as it doesn't have enough load capacity for the A1 Abrams.
The truck was sold to a logging equipment company. They drove it 80 miles home and parked it as a static display.
A fellow MV nut found it & bought it but ran into some "political issues" with his wife and the town.
Eventually, he agreed that I would give it the best possible home. This unit has received a correct restoration
and looks just like it did in 1969. The bumper numbers, unit number and fed stock number
are original to this truck. The air brakes and 5th wheel have been updated.
This is the biggest and the best military vehicle you are likely to see and it is the centerpiece of our collection.


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