Applies to the 6.2 Diesel

PROCEDURE For Bleeding Fuel System after running out of fuel.

1: Remove all the glow plugs.

2: Crank engine for short time (5-10 seconds); allow starter to cool between cranking.

3: Crack open bleeder screw on top of Fuel Filter to release air, then close. Do this quickly so that you
don't allow it to suck air back in through the bleeder screw.

4: Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you see a fog of diesel fuel coming out of the engine when cranking.

5: Crack open Bleeder Screw on top of Fuel Filter once more to release air, then close.

6: Put glow plugs back in and hook up wiring.

7: When you start the engine for the first time, it may run rough, knock, smoke or stall.
Ideally, you want to keep the engine running long enough to clear the injectors of air bubbles.
Usually this takes one to two minutes at just above idle rpm. If engine will not start or stalls,
you can repeat normal starting procedure, allowing starter to cool one minute after every 10
seconds of operating

It may take several times before the engine restarts.
After engine runs without stalling, open black bleeder knob on top of the fuel filter while engine idles.
When clean fuel comes out, no air bubbles, close bleeder.

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