Hi everyone!

You may be asking why are they doing "social distancing" parties?

Answer: We are all starting to go a little buggy only talking to the few people we are isolating with.
I know I'd love to spend some time with other people.
However, we all want to avoid catching the virus. So, making this place as safe as we can is mandatory.

So how do you do "social distancing" parties?

We have the advantage of having space here, so the tables and picnic tables will be
set up outside with at least 6 feet of distance between them.
The stage will go up outside and we'll mark the distance to keep back from the stage too.
On days when we have a band, people who are very concerned about being around others
can stay in their vehicles and still hear the band and enjoy a drink.

Everyone will wear a mask except in their own personal space.
Your group may consist of 5 people you have been isolating with and your group will take a picnic table.
That picnic table is your personal space and if everyone in your group is comfortable with it, you may pull your mask(s) down.
When you go to leave your table, out of respect for others, the mask must go back on
Remember, wearing the mask keeps you from transferring virus between people.
If you stay in your vehicle, of course it is your personal space, but you may want to wear a mask so others may come up to talk to you.

Hand sanitizers will be everywhere for you to use whenever you feel you should.
Surface disinfectants and towels will also be everywhere so if you are taking a previously
occupied table you can immediately disinfect it before sitting there.
Surface disinfectants will be in the bathroom stalls so that you can assure yourself that it has been sanitized because you did it yourself!

Only two people placing drink orders at the bar at one time. Others, waiting to order, will keep 6 feet distant.
We all appreciate those that order for their table. Deposit your empties in the cans provided and marked glass/plastic.
Used paper towels go in cans marked trash.

We think this can work for people to be together without being too close physically.
So people can come out and talk with neighbors, friends, relatives, relax a little.
To start, we are expecting attendence to be 50 people or less and we'll
be having one regular bar night & one night with a band each month about 2 weeks apart.
Other Saturdays will be closed to the public for private parties.
Hopefully, in the late summer and fall we can have larger parties and not need the masks.
Until then, this is living with the virus.