Why buy a truck from us?

Alfa Heaven Inc. is a licensed Wisconsin Automobile Dealer. We will supply a Wisconsin state title and
temporary plate for you to drive your vehicle home with. The state of Wisconsin requires dealers to do a
specific inspection of the vehicle and to disclose to the prospective buyer any major deficiencies discovered
during the inspection. (The large trucks are exempt from this requirement).
If you live within the state of Wisconsin, all the paperwork to properly title and register your vehicle
will be done here.

We buy our inventory directly from the government with two values foremost:
mileage and overall condition of vehicle. The trucks are priced accordingly, that is, lower mileage,
best condition vehicles are priced higher than others with higher miles and/or body repairs.
We take the risk when we make the purchase. If it turns out to have major problems, it is our loss.

We repair and service the vehicles which means it starts, stops, steers, with working lights, wipers
and heater unless otherwise noted (for example, we have offered a 6x6 truck noting that the brakes
needed repairs). We pressure wash all vehicles inside and out, top & bottom
including the engine compartment.We detail the engine compartments and paint the underneath of the
vehicle. The government painted the bottoms so that equipment coming back from overseas could be
properly decontaminated as all returning vehicles must be. We inspect and repair or replace non-operating
components as we can, e.g., wiper motors, lighting, starter relays, alternators, torn seats, broken mirrors,
broken glass, injection pumps, belts. This does not mean we have cleaned every wiring connection or done
all of these items on every vehicle. This does not mean we have restored the vehicle. We are not saying
"Good as new", "restored","refurbished", "reconditioned", etc. because these are non-specific terms with
different meanings to different people and a full "restoration" would be many thousands more dollars than
we sell them for.
No matter what you call a used truck it is still a used truck and will never be a new truck again.

Our refinished trucks are all painted with the proper 383 CARC to the correct pattern. Certain items are
replaced routinely such as wiper blades, floor mats in all 4x4s and batteries. Among the items that we
check and replace at our discretion are brake pads, tires and exhaust. We test drive everything before
offering it for sale.

Every vehicle purchase carries some risk because any machine can fail, even when brand new. These trucks
are 20 years old and older. We have sold hundreds of trucks. Our vehicles hold their value. Some that have
been resold have brought as much or more than what we were paid for them even after a year or two of use
and 30,000 additional miles. We have done as much as we can to reduce the risk and keep our prices fair
but you cannot please all of the people all of the time. As hard as we try, we still have a few disappointed
customers, primarily due to unrealistic expectations.

Our fly in - drive home program, has been a great success. To date only two vehicles have had failures on the
the road that required immediate repairs. One was a starter which we shipped overnight and the other a fuel
pump that a local garage replaced. There have also been a few vehicles with minor problems such as a light
bulb that burned out, wiper &/or washer failure. The farthest drive was a Kaiser 6x6 to Alaska, several drove to
Florida. They have been routinely driven to Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New
Mexico, Arizona, California, Iowa, Michigan, & Canada. (and there may have been some states we missed here).

We have been repairing and selling vehicles for over 30 years. We do many things to make your purchase enjoyable.
We have worked very hard to deserve our excellent reputation but we hope you will take into consideration
what we have said about the risks of purchasing a used vehicle because there is no perfect in this world.

Thank-you for your support!

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