The Alfa Heaven
otorSports Bar

Open every Thursday & Friday!

Join us for LIVE music
on select Friday nights!

Thursdays 7pm - 11:00pm, sometimes later
Fridays 7pm - 1:30am

For Hall Rental, please call 9-5 Mon - Fri. for info and booking.

MotorSports Bar Band Friday nites
Band plays 8 - midnight

August 11th - The Lizardz
If you wish you'd seen Pink Floyd, come see this band!!

MotorSports Bar Band Friday nites

August 12th - Broken Arrow
rock & outlaw country - Military Show night. +
Manson will be performing during the show day.

August 18th - Manson
60s, 70s, folk-rock acoustic guitar

August 25th - The Prokrastinators

September 1 - Catfish & Caviar

September 8th - The Allen Brothers Band

September 15th - The Third Wheels

Pics at the bar!

Mid-century Auto Museum of vehicles from around the world.
Click for photos

The Museum will be closed this Wed (Aug. 9) at 1:00pm until Sat morning
to set up for the event. We re-open to host the Central Wisconsin Military Show
at 8:00 am Saturday.

Hosting on the event grounds:
Aug 12th - Central Wisconsin Military Show

You don't have to be part of a club.
Everyone is welcome to take a tour.
Club Tours Welcomed!

Aug. 19th - Ferrari Club event!

(Add YOUR event 715-449-2141)

We will have our regular Tues - Sat, 9 -5 hours beginning
August 15th.

(These 2 ad spaces donated to Motorama Auto Museum Ltd. by Alfa Heaven, Inc.)

Central Wisconsin Military Show

Held August 12th

Join us next year, Aug. 9th & 10th.

Military Vehicle Show and
Militaria Swap Meet.

Pictures of the event coming soon.

(follow the progress at

click for more info

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Tel: 1-715-449-2141
(Motorama Museum hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 9:00 - 5:00 pm Central Time)
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